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The Sarasota Folk Festival

The Sarasota Folk Club will not be hosting a 2016 Sarasota Folk Festival. Previous directors and organizers are unable to work on it this year. We'd love it see you at our monthly Sailing Squadron Concerts!! www.sarasotafolk.org

Thanks to everyone who helped make the 2015 festival a big success!!

Videos from the 2015 festival, March 21 & 22, 2015:

Saturday on the Meadow Stage
11:00 Mindy & the Hot Pockets
11:30 Larry Mangum
12:00 La Grange
12:30 Jennings & Keller
  1:00 Rebekah Pulley Twosome
  1:30 Lucky Mud
  2:00 Passerine
  2:30 The Honey Creepers
  3:00 Laney Jones & Lively Spirits
  3:30 Brian Smalley
  4:00 Scott & Michelle Dalziel
  4:30 Bing Futch
  6:00 Lis & Lon Williamson
  7:00 The New 76ers
  8:00 Radoslav Lorkovic
  9:00 Roy Schneider & Kim Mayfield

Sunday on the Meadow Stage
10:00 James Hawkins
10:30 Jamieson Roberts
11:00 Yo Mamas
11:30 Laney Jones & Lively Spirits
12:00 Grant Peeples
12:30 Woji & Kozloff
  1:00 The New 76ers
  2:00 Lis & Lon Williamson
  3:00 Radoslav Lorkovic
  4:00 Roy Schneider & Kim Mayfield

The Sarasota Folk Festival is held at the Oscar Scherer State Park in Osprey. We run three stages of music all day from 10am to 10pm (Sat) and 10am to 5pm (Sun), with a jam tent for aspiring musicians and a workshop tent for those seeking up-close and personal tips and instructions from their favorite artists. Saturday evening we set the stage for our headliner artists to showcase in the large tent for our evening concert 6pm - 10pm. The gate opens at 9:30AM both days!!
We have a children's area with workshops and fun events, right next to the park's excellent playground and our Family Stage. We have folklife exhibits and quality vendors selling crafts and art as well as plenty of food vendors. Come enjoy this two day community folk event at the best park in the State of Florida!



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